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Commercial Cleaning Services

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We  don’t have any hidden costs and pre paid orders so that we charge for the quality we deliver and satisfaction gauranteed!!

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The right tools make a big difference. Each Pro-Cleaner is outfitted with professional-grade tools, supplies, and gear – it’s all safe to use & eco-friendly!!

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You’re paying for the service – make sure it fits your life! You can cancel, edit, and change your appointments as much as you like. We’re happy to work around your schedule as per your coveniences!

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Our commercial Services

Corporate housekeeping services

We at D2D, offer reliable corporate housekeeping services in Bangalore. Keeping the office environment clean helps employees to work in peace. Our team of highly trained & skilled professionals will make your office into sparkling clean space.

Our commercial cleaning services have been expanded to many sectors like Corporate Office Cleaning, Retail Stores, Commercial Buildings, Factories, Manufacturing Plants, Shopping Malls, Educational Institutes, Hospitals, etc.

We believe in delivering the most quality and excellent services. Our main aim is to provide complete satisfaction to our clients. We use 100% eco-friendly chemicals for cleaning services.

Gardening & LandscapinG

Whether your style is traditional, cottage, minimalist or contemporary, our designer will create the garden design to suite your personality and property. We start where the lawn ends and the garden begins. Spring and fall clean-ups, mulching, planting, edging, pruning, perennial division, design, installation and maintenance of flower beds.

We specialize in restoration and renewal of gardens and problem spots. Residential and commercial garden and landscape design, updates, soil enrichment, drainage improvements, sod installation and lawn seeding.

Design and installation of walkways, retaining walls, planters, water features. Provision and planting of trees, shrubs, ground covers, perennials, vines and ornamental grasses. Green walls and green roofs for beauty, energy conservation and water absorption. Power washing and sealing as well. Garden sitting for travelers and busy professionals. We compost whenever possible to enrich your soil and the environment we all share.

security services

We always aim to make the world a safe and secure place to live in. Our standard quality security guard services in bangalore make it the best place for employees to work with. Our security guards are fully trained to offer effective security services to all valued clients. We check the background of security guards before recruiting them to ensure safe and efficient services to our clients. You can rely on us for safety and security of you and your properties.

painting solutions

Our commercial painting services in Bangalore transform spaces to suit your purpose as well as to add their character. From hospitals, showrooms to offices – we undertake and ensure the timely delivery of all our projects. 

Interior painting of our commercial projects are executed in sync with the requirements of the project.

Exterior painting of any space is the first impression, hence we make sure it’s great. Our finesse and dedication ensure that we complete our projects well in time whilst assuring supreme quality.

Plumbing services

Plumbers on the D2D platform have experience in fixing all the common (and uncommon) plumbing problems that plague homes. Whether you’ve got a water heater leaking, a clogged toilet, or a blocked drain, chances are that your plumber will have seen and dealt with a similar job before. When you use the  website, you’ll be connected to experienced plumbers who’ll know exactly what to do, no matter how big or small the job might be.

indoor plant rental

Indoor Plant rental is currently the most popular means of office greenification. We offer plant rental service with flexible packages and friendly staff at your service, we can handle green decoration with high-quality air purifier office plants at short notice. We rent plants for varied environments like home, corporate office, hotel, restaurants and for events like Marriage, Conferences, Parties and lot more.

pest control

Pest control can be a challenge in pharmaceutical facilities due to the strict treatment protocols required by the DCGI. With D2D , you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes while partnering with a global pest control brand that has vast knowledge working with pharmaceutical companies across the globe.

facade cleaning

Our staff our trained in cleaning different types of surfaces such as glass, plastic, stone, ACP etc. Undergoing training programme ensures better quality service, use of appropriate chemicals, increased efficiency and prevents any long term damage.

dusting & Mopping

The dust at your facility is composed of pollen, hair, textile fibers, dirt, and skin cells. Without detail-oriented dusting services, dust quickly collects, especially in hard-to-reach places. As dust builds up, air quality decreases, the risk of workplace illness increases, and your company’s reputation suffers. 

Our mopping services are designed to keep you one step ahead of the next storm. The wet mops and microfiber mops we use not only act as a supplemental dust collection system; they also pick up dirt and grime to protect floors and deliver a spotless shine in between deep floor cleaning sessions.

corporate office furniture shampooing

The chairs that you use at your office are meant to make employees feel comfortable, and improve productivity. When your clients come to discuss business proposals, you need to welcome them to a vibrant and clean office space, with spotlessly clean upholstery on all furniture. No one is going to go through your office furniture with a fine tooth comb, but if they are dirty and stained, it will immediately catch the eye of a visitor and create a negative impression in their minds.

Whether you are a small company with just a few employees, or a large corporate with several hundreds, we can help you with a customized cleaning package that meets your specific requirements.

We can customize a cleaning package and schedule it according to your requirements. Whether you want the premises to be cleaned monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, we have the right package for you. Give us a call today to discuss your specific cleaning requirements and we will give you a customized quote.


Properly designed, implemented and maintained electrical and plumbing systems can bring years of worry free enjoyment. The best electrical and plumbing installations are the ones that you forget you even have. Trust D2D to complete these projects to highest quality standards with only licensed professionals.

event management

We aim at providing top tier event management services, which involves handling all aspects of your event and executing them with precision, professionalism and style. We execute various kinds of corporate events ranging from annual days and product launches to employee engagement and award ceremonies. Working with us ensure that your events are executed flawlessly in a manner that reflects our clients brand image and vision. We offer fresh, fun ideas to make your events impactful! 

end-end facility management

The facilities management function has risen to the top of the operational hierarchy. Companies are beginning to shift away from the notion of facilities as merely a back-office set of day-to-day activities and looking at this function as one that can drive value to specific organizational areas. Within the scope of the greater organization, facilities management had once been an after-thought in terms of enterprise planning due to seemingly higher-value programs and financial efforts. However, successful companies are starting to see the inherent value in improving efficiencies and streamlining processes within the real estate and facilities functions to drive down operating costs, improve energy consumption, and support sustainability objectives.

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