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Residential Cleaning Services

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We  don’t have any hidden costs and pre paid orders so that we charge for the quality we deliver and satisfaction gauranteed!!

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The right tools make a big difference. Each Pro-Cleaner is outfitted with professional-grade tools, supplies, and gear – it’s all safe to use & eco-friendly!!

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You’re paying for the service – make sure it fits your life! You can cancel, edit, and change your appointments as much as you like. We’re happy to work around your schedule as per your coveniences!

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Our Residential Services


At D2D, we understand the needs of our clients and we offer them the best professional deep cleaning services in Bangalore. Our team will work hard to clean your house, offices etc. from top to bottom to meet your expectations. Unlike general cleaning, the surfaces are cleaned but in deep cleaning, every size, every appliances and fixture in your home will be cleaned to get rid of all dirt.


Need extra help? Worry no more as we can help you to move from one place to another. We know that moving is a hassle for you and your family, so we are here to handle it. We will do the best home cleaning for you so you can concentrate more on the other things
Moving into new apartment, villa or flat, you want to make sure that it’s clean and meets your standards.


In a place like Bangalore, tenancy is the only business which will always be in boom. It may be a separate home, luxury apartments, corporate or commercial buildings or even Industries too. But after the tenancy period it is the worst thing to clean up. We are here to take up your burden and make sure it is completely ready for the next tenant.


Painting your home is exciting but choosing the correct colours, products, and house painters while ensuring your family’s safety can be a huge task. That’s where we come in with our aim- to make home painting a safe and great experience! With Asian Paints Safe Painting services, re-imagine your home interiors as a huge canvas that you can choose to house paint and make it look the way you want without worrying about your family’s safety.


The dry and cold weather of Bangalore can be a happy breeding ground for many unsightly and disease causing pests. Birds like pigeons are a perennial problem in Bangalore causing children and adults to have various Bronchitis issues. Using our R&D capabilities, innovative technology and global expertise, D2D has developed pest control treatments that are well-suited for Indian homes.


Indoor Plant rental is currently the most popular means of office greenification. We offer plant rental service with flexible packages and friendly staff at your service, we can handle green decoration with high-quality air purifier office plants at short notice. We rent plants for varied environments like home, corporate office, hotel, restaurants and for events like Marriage, Conferences, Parties and lot more.


Your family sofa is favorite spot for adults and kids alike. Perhaps your kids and their friends leave little sticky hand prints or your pet leaves paw prints there. Do it yourself will only clean superficial areas and may even damage the fabric or upholstery as most domestic cleaners use harsh abrasive and may contain bleaches. The specific treatment chemicals and methods for each fabric type are absolutely necessary, especially if the sofa is made from a delicate material like silk.


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We have cleaning experties who provide comprehensive kitchen cleaning services at the most reasonable prices. Our cleaners are well-trained and highly skilled to ensure hygienic, germ-free and clean kitchens according to your schedule.


D2D provides most dedicated and professional rest room cleaners in Bangalore. We provide quality sanitized cleaning services in Bangalore. We use most advance chemicals for cleaning. Our eco-friendly & organic chemicals keep the bathroom & restroom germs free. We never apply any kind ofharmful acids which may cause any damage to your tiles and marbles.

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